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SiteGround Notes
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Last modified on 9/24/2010 2:32 PM by User.


SiteGround Notes


PHP5 Shell Command Value

Gunzip Issues
It looks like SiteGround doesn't have the command 'gunzip'.
So you may need to amend final line of admin/bin/ command to be :
/bin/gzip -d $1.gz
instead of 
gunzip $1.gz
if you get problems uncompressing feeds.
Date Errors
If you get the error :
"Call to undefined function:  date_default_timezone_set()"
in the log when importing then your command-line version of PHP5 isn't V5.1 or above.
To get rid of the message add the following lines :
function date_default_timezone_set($dummy) {
     // do nothing
after the first line of "<?php" of the file admin/bin/import.php